Published 26 Sep 2023

Congratulations Clackamas County: Standing Strong Against Tolling

Empty pay toll check point Toll booths at highway cm

A hearty congratulations to the residents and leaders of Clackamas County for temporarily halting the tolling proposal! This decision reaffirms the strength and unity of our community. However, while we’ve achieved a temporary victory, our fight isn’t over. We must remain resolute and stand strong to ensure that tolling is removed entirely from any future considerations.

1. An Unfair Burden on the Working Class

The proposed tolling structure is more than just an economic policy; it’s an unfair burden on the working class. With a potential cost of $240 per month per vehicle (many are predicting FAR higher), this toll would have disproportionately affected our hard-working neighbors. Those living paycheck to paycheck would have faced an even greater struggle, having to decide between essential needs and the ability to travel freely within their county.

2. A System that Favors the Affluent

At its core, the proposed tolling system was fundamentally flawed. While many of our neighbors would be burdened by the tolls, those fortunate enough to afford expensive electric vehicles would enjoy the roads toll-free. Instead of creating an equitable solution, the proposal would have created a divide between the majority of drivers and a privileged few.

3. Invasion of Privacy

Beyond the financial implications, the tolling system would have ushered in a concerning era of surveillance. To implement such a system would mean monitoring when and where individuals drive, posing a serious threat to our cherished privacy rights. Residents should not have to sacrifice their privacy for the sake of transportation.

4. Uncertainty on Infrastructure Advancement

For many, the logical assumption is that tolls collected would be reinvested in our roads. There is a lot of talk, ‘promises’ and insinuations but with no real plans to use the money collected for new roads or significant improvements, questions arise. Why impose such a heavy toll on residents without clear benefits to our infrastructure?

5. Concealed Agendas?

The tolling wasn’t just about money. Some supporters were transparent in their aim to push residents towards mass transit by making driving prohibitively expensive. While public transit is crucial and offers many benefits, using punitive measures to drive behavioral change doesn’t consider the unique needs and lifestyles of Clackamas County residents.

6. The Threat of Congestion on Local Streets

The potential introduction of tolls would have had ripple effects. One of the significant concerns was the increase in traffic on neighborhood side streets. To avoid tolls, many drivers might opt for these routes, leading to congestion, safety concerns, and a reduced quality of life for residents.

In Conclusion:

Clackamas County has shown resilience and unity in standing against the tolling proposal. The potential challenges we’ve outlined are not just conjectures; they represent real threats to our community’s way of life. While we celebrate our temporary victory, let’s remain vigilant, ensuring that such proposals don’t find their way back into our future considerations. Together, we will keep Clackamas Strong.